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Hey, welcome to my Photos tab !
This page here is about live concerts and events that I'm currently involved
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Alabanza - Project
Jan, 2008
Guillermo Guzman, Rique, Justo Almario and Walter Rodriguez
Rique and Teka at Soho's Sta. Barbara show
Kim Pauley's CD project, producer Laythan Armor, Mike Peters & Tim Baylor
Mike Lizárraga, Gabriel Sanchez & Gregg Davis at Spazio's show Mar 08
Rique and Octavio Bailly studio session.
Faith Community Band
Zoe Theodorou
jun 25, 2007
Somewhere in Canada
Whats the name of this concert?
Darlene Zschech - Hillsong- Australia
apr 27, 2006
Los Angeles Convention Center
Azusa Street Centennial
Rique Pantoja & Friends Steve Tavaglione, Will Kennedy,Randy Tico, Rick Zunigar
feb 11, 2006
Romano's Restaurant / Nightclub
Israel Houghton
feb 4, 2006
Faith Community Church
NAMM 2008 with KevinWalt
Jan 15, 2008
NAMM Convention Center , Los Angeles
jun 11, 2005
Somewhere between Namibia and Angola, Africa.
"Flying for 20 seconds"
Abraham Laboriel, Russ Miller and Michael Oneil
Session with Abraham Laboriel, Russ Miller and Michael Oneil for Andre Guimas Dec 07
youtube link to "Time to change"live.
Alessandro Safina, Romina Arena, Marc Shreiner & Chris Riggins rehearsal for Las Vegas Concert Romantic Pop Opera May 2008
Alessandro Safina, Chris Riggins & Marc Shreiner - 3 TENORS Party after the Las Vegas Concert
Jon Varto, Ndugu Chancler & Rique - Gig with Teka @ Spazio's
Chilitos Valenzuela's Studio and Pro Tools School -AGI - May 08
Nelson Rios, Rique , Greg Vail, Tiago Costa, Julio Figueroa and Tiago D'errico @ Saddleback conference - June 08