my inspiration

Every life is on a journey.
My journey involves creativity, and creativity begins with inspiration.
For me, inspiration is channeled into my heart first, then my thoughts - and that’s part of what is communicated through this "gift" of music. It takes all shapes and forms, from the birds that sing proudly in the trees, to the strum of a nylon string, to the voice of a child singing a nursery rhyme. Yes, music is all around us.

Many people say music is a gift, and as such, is freely given. Behind every gift is a giver and this is where divine influence casts its strongest light, as I believe everything that exists was created by God with both purpose and meaning.

Music has the power and ability to color our lives in so many ways. It stirs emotions, touches our memory, and it gives meaning or significance to situations that occur in our lives. It can create excitement, bring us joy or happiness, but mostly it ignites passion. It's like a mighty force that flows straight into one's heart.

I've had the good fortune of being on many stages, playing with so many talented and gifted artists, performing for crowds of over 50,000 (standing before me). While the thrill and excitement is great, it doesn't compare to the experience of playing unto God, an audience of One, as I offer my gift in return for what He’s given me. My prayer is that He would use me as an instrument in His hands.

Even though music can lift people up, I’ve found that when God touches it, truly amazing things happen. It becomes medicine to comfort the sorrowful, to heal the hurting, and bring joy to those in despair. Indeed, I have seen that other spiritual dimension at work through music, which only occurs through the supernatural power of God. Music can be so much more than just beautiful notes and harmonies.

Many people come to God through pain or challenges. I however did not. My life was great. I was successful in my profession, I had a great family and everything in my life seemed complete. Yet something was missing…..

While growing up, I intensely examined spirituality, looking for a way to connect more intimately with God. Even though I believed that Jesus was real and the son of God who lived, died and was resurrected; I could not believe that this Jesus could actually be present and real in my life.

A pivotal change was the day that my wife gave me a Bible as a gift when I was preparing to go on a long tour. As I began reading it, it became my favorite book.
I came to learn more about myself, God’s love and his desire to be close to me and be present in my life. (I believe the Bible was written under divine inspiration as a love letter to mankind. It is a book where you’ll find yourself mirrored in its many characters and stories.) My greatest inspiration truly comes from my relationship with God, through Jesus. He is my inspiration.

I came to understand that surrendering my life to God was the best thing that could ever happen to me. His plans and purpose for me are infinitely better than any plan that I could create myself.
It’s been an incredible journey !!

What journey are you on?
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