Multi-talented Rique Pantoja is a composer, arranger, songwriter and jazz pianist. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, he has been based in Los Angeles for nearly two decades, He is in great demand worldwide for concerts, recordings, TV and film work and advertising projects. 

At 19 he moved to Boston to study at Boston’s Berklee College of Music (Mecca for many top young jazz musicians). After Berklee he traveled to Paris to work with legendary American jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. Back home in Brazil, his reputation preceding him, Rique quickly found acceptance among notable artists such as  Djavan, Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque, Tim Maia, Gonzaguinha, Paulinho da Viola and other headliners in Brazilian music. At that time he also founded Cama de Gato (“Cat’s Cradle”), which quickly became –  and remains – one of the outstanding Brazilian jazz groups of that era and bestseller instrumental group 1986/87.  

Rique has worked with many other heavyweights on the international musical scene: Alejandro Sanz, Carlos Santana, sax master Ernie Watts, Ricky Martin, classical guitarist Christopher Parkening, Abraham Laboriel, Justo Almario, Luis Conte, Lee Ritenour, Kirk Whalum, Steps Ahead -Mike Mainieri, Sadao Watanabe,Brenda Russell, Grammy winner Israel Houghton, Frank Gambale and Alex Acuña, among many others (see the attached list).


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Caleb Quaye, Bebe Winans, Ron Kenoly, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Kenny Obrien, KC Porter, Chaka Blackmon, João Bosco, Celso Fonseca, Steve Tavaglione, John Peña, Mike Mainieri, Vinnie Collaiuta, Don Grusin, Kevin Lettau, John Patitucci, Lynne Fiddmont, Melvin Davis, Rob Lockhart, Gary Novak, Ricky Lawson, Richie Garcia, Luis Conte, Joel Taylor, Paulinho da Costa, Steve Smith, Abraham Laboriel, Justo Almario, Frank Gambale, Romero Lubambo, Andre Mingas, Joe DiBlasi, Claudio Roditi, Jerry Watts, Richard Galliano, Darek Oles, David Enos, Nilson Matta, Brian Bromberg, Randy Tico, Ricardo Silveira, Rick Zunigar, Heitor Pereira, Peter Sprague, Doug Jackson, MItchel Long, Alex Al, Arthur Maia, Jacques Morelembau, Linda MCcrary, Judith Hill, Lynne Fiddmont, Kala Baich, Angie Fisher, Mike Shapiro, Oskar Cartaya, Jeff Elliot, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Levin, Pedro Eustache, Nicola Stilo, Michaele Ascolese, Roberto Gatto, Steve Houben, Nick Vintskevich, Don Harris, Enzo Todesco, Kevin Ricard, Jamey Haddad, Will Kennedy, Russ Miller, Dave Weckl, Wolfgang Haffner, Steps Ahead , Bob Wilson, Sheila E., Jimmy Earl, Eric Persing, Akira Jimbo, Joe Heredia, Jimmy Paxson, Pedro Aznar, Sekou Bunch, Nico Assumpção, Hussain Jiffry, John Leftwich, Keith Jones, Roberto Montero, Grecco Buratto, Guillermo Guzman, Nelson Rios, Ric Fierabracci, Andrew Ford, Don Patterson, Fernando Raio, Andrew Gouche, Gustavo Erazo, Dean Taba, Kip Reed, Cedric Lee, Dino Maddalone, Moogie Canazio, Mauricio Guerrero, Dan Blessinger, Dan Garcia, David Hughes, Phil Perry, Brandon Fields, Bob Sheppard, Doug Webb, Eric Marienthal, Gary Herbig, Robert Kyle, Dave Thomasson, Lou Pardini, Gary Meek, Tony Guerrero, Walter Rodrigues, Julio Figueroa, Aaron Serfaty, John Ferraro, Eric Boseman, Ronnie Gutierez, Doug Mathews, Jeff Askew, Norm Stockton, Jonathan Ahrens, David Owens, Mike Bagasao, Michito Sanchez, Ephraim Toro, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Danny Reyes, Kevin Winard, Bernie Dressel, Bill Maxwell, Aldo Bentivegna, Ron Benise, Torcuato Mariano, Michael Oneill, Ramon Stagnaro, John Pisano, Marco Tulio Pinheiro, Juan Carlos Quintero, Ricky Z. ,Marcus Gerakos, Tony Dumas, Art Webb, Nestor Torres, Lori Bell, Ingrid Chun, Irio de Paula, Andrew Carney, Jim Mcmillen, Morgan Ames, Luiz de Aquino, Claudio Slon, Octavio Bailly, Jose Marino, Jim Porto, JoHan Kim, Helen Baylor, Zoe Theodorou, Christine Miller, Heritage Singers, Teka Penteriche, Marisela, Alvaro Torres, Luizão Maia, Jorge Degas, Robertinho Silva, Ronaldo Silva, Vanderlei Silva, José Boto, Sizão Machado, Carlos Bala, Armando Marçal, Marcelo Martins, Paulo Braga, Café, Teo Lima, Wilson Meirelles, Widor Santiago, Bob Wyatt, Idriss Boudrioua, João de Aquino, Raphael Rabelo, Moacir Santos, Zé Nogueira, Jurim Moreira, Antonio Santana, Leo Costa, Wilson das Neves, Raul Mascarenhas, Mauro Senise, João Batista, Cidinho Moreira, Jamil Joanes, Celso Pixinga, Zeca Assumpção, Hugo Fatoruso, Lincoln Olivetti, Eraldo Melo, Liminha, Helio Delmiro, Pascoal Meireles, Jota Moraes, Cassio Duarte, Kleber Jorge, Mingo Araujo, João Baptista, Victor Biglione,Ary Piazzarolo, Filó Machado, Lea Freire, Rogerio Bocatto, João Alexandre, Celia Vaz, Armandinho, Baby Consuelo, Raimundo Fagner, Alaide Costa, Zizi Possi, Joanna ,,..

Rique’s work embraces a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to modern classical to pop to gospel music, but no matter what the genre, his distinctive stylings are recognizable for their cool beat, unmistakable passion, sophisticated harmonic voicings and highly original melodic lines.  

Because of this diversity of output, Rique has made his mark not just in Brazil and the U.S., but also on the worldwide music scene. In 2008, his tune “I Believed It,” written with Zoë Theodorou, won the prestigious Covenant Award  in Canada as  “Jazz/Blues Song of the Year.”  

Rique has also composed and arranged themes and underscoring for hit TV shows like “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous,” “Santa Barbara,” “Roque Santeiro,” “Another World” –  as well as TV and radio jingles for major brands such as Coca Cola, Honda, Shell Oil, Globo Reporter, deBeers Diamonds, Pepsi Cola, Nissan, Toshiba, Guaraná Brahma and Marie Claire.  

His music appears on the sound track of Disney’s hit comedy, “Jungle 2 Jungle.” And the 2010 movie “Coming And Going” (directed by Edoardo Ponti) also features his work. Recently Rique was part of the musical soundtrack of the upcoming animation “ Rio” with Sergio Mendes and film composer John Powell.  

As if that were not enough to keep him busy, Rique has still another life as a respected music educator! He teaches courses at Southern California’s Biola University; leads workshops at Maranatha Worship Training and the Los Angeles Music & Performance (LAMP) School –  Pro Tools & Logic School Audiograph – AGI  besides offering master classes at a number of  schools , including Pepperdine University’s Malibu campus.  

Pantoja’s composition Salseada appears on the Yamaha Drum module DTXtreme instrument line. Endorsements with M-Audio , Melodyne (Celemony) and Lewitt.


1988 Valencia, Spain Rique on Milton's tour
1992 Los Angeles, Danny Reyes, Rique and Randy Tico.
1988 Kopenhagen, Celso Fonseca, Milton Nascimento and Rique
88 Montreux Festival, Carlos Santana, Milton Nascimento, Celso Fonseca and Rique Pantoja
1988 London, Rique and Eric Clapton backsatge after Milton's concert
2005 Los Angeles , with Alejandro Sanz before the concert.
2005 Justo Almario, Rique and Abraham Laboriel
1992 with Ricardo Silveira, Lou Pardini,Fernando Girão,Cassio Duarte, John Patitucci while playing at Le Café
2006 Los Angeles, producer Chaka Blackmon and Russ Miller
2006, Christopher Parkening and producer David Thomas at Capitol Studios,reording Rique's composition Lamento Suite.
1992 Los Angeles, Armando Marçal, Ivan Lins and Cassio Duarte backstage Pat Metheny's
1980 Jose Boto, CHET BAKER, Rique Pantoja, Richard Galliano . Michel Peyratout
1988 Brussels, Belgium with Cama de Gato
Rique 2004
2008 Gilberto Gil at the Hollywood Bowl - remembering when we played together from 81-82
Frank Gambale, Ernie Watts & Rique Pantoja Brazil tour 1999.
1988 New York , Arthur Maia, Rique , Pascoal Meirelles, Mauro Senise and Hermeto Pascoal at Avery Fischer Hall.
1994 Los Angeles, Ivan Lins, Ricardo Silveira, Rique and Toninho Horta.
2005 Vinnie Collaiuta and Neil Stubihausen @ Alejando Sanz Concert
1987 São Paulo, Milton Nascimento and Rique.
2005 Angola, Africa - Franklin Graham cruzade - Linda Mcrary, John Barbour, Alfie Silas and Tommy Coomes.
2008 - Rique and Israel Houghton (recipient of Grammy 2008 on Gospel Music )
2008 Concert with Toninho Horta in Beverly Hills Resonance Recs. Studio
1986 Rio,with legendary Jazz Master - " Joe Pass " at an Improvisation workshop.
1989 Los Angeles, recording session with Ernie Watts
1987 Los Angeles, with Don Grusin
1993 Los Angeles Live at "Le Cafe" with Dave Weckl
2005 Los Angeles, Convention Center - Darlene Zchesch
2005 Angola, Africa after the Concert
1986 Rio de Janeiro, Jazzmania with Sadao Watanabe
1986 Rio de Janeiro, receiving Brahma Music Award from Monique Gardenberg
J2004 Riverside, with Jerry Watts, Art Rodriguez, Steve Tavaglione and Rick Zunigar
1988 Lisbon, Portugal with Celso Fonseca
2005 Pasadena, Studio with Kevin Ricard,Will Kennedy,Tim Davis, John Peña,Grecco Buratto and Max Mace
2005 Los Angeles, NAMM Bob Wilson and Finn Johnston
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Studio session with Ernie Watts
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Ernie Watts Master class.
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Free Jazz Chet Baker
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Free Jazz Festival
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Jazz Festival Rique and Chet Baker
Rio 1985 Free Jazz Festival
1985 RIo de Janeiro playing with Chet Baker
1989 Rio de Janeiro, Jazzmania with Raul Mascarenhas, Don Harris, Paulinho trumpete and Ze Nogueira.
1988 Los Angeles, Arthur Maia, Alex Acuña, Rique, Don Grusin, Ricardo Silveira and Chico Neves.
2006 Los Angeles, Rique and Torcuato Mariano
2004 Los Angeles, Rique and Larry Dennis .
1988 New York, Rique and Arthur Maia
1986 Rio de Janeiro, Jazzmania with Paulo Moura and Sadao Watanabe
2003 Linz, Austria Rique and Ephraim Toro
1990 Los Ageles, Rique and Sergio Mielniczenko.
2003 Los Angeles, Ford Theater with Luizão Maia and maestro Moacir Santos.
1985 Rio de Janeiro , Free Jazz festival with Moacir Santos and Luizão Maia
2004 Los Angeles, Session with Dave Thomasson, Eric Malbach, Pierre Michelou, Rique and Arturo Velasco
2006, Israel Houghton RP
1992 Los Angel;es, Jamil Joanes, Gilson Peranzeta, Marcos Ariel , Rique and Yutaka.
Cama de Gato at the Paris Jazz Festival
1989 Paris, Cama de Gato in Concert.
1989 Rio de Janeiro, rehearsal with Cama de Gato
Cama de Gato
2006 Los Angeles , Session film 48 Angels -Larry Dennis, Curtis Thompson and Louis Cox
2006 - Flying a DC3 over Namibia in Africa.
2006 Los Angeles, Producer Kenny Obrien & Rique
Pyramid Cancun 2006
1980 Taormina, Sicily , Italy concert with Chet Baker
1980 Ischia, Itally concert with Chet Baker
1989 Japan Keyboard Magazine, Milton Tour
1986 Duo Rique Pantoja and Raul Mascarenhas
1985 Tim Maia records Rique's song Sem Volta
O Globo
Free Jazz ad.
Jazziz French magazine
1984 New York Times , Rique musical director for Djavan
1989 Rique's CD release in Japan ( Keyboard Magazine )
1990 Cama de Gato CD release
1990 Cama de Gato CD release
1990 Osaka, Japan Rique Pantoja Group
Rique and Helio Delmiro
1986 Free Jazz Festrival ad Opening for Ray
1986 Free Jazz Festrival ad
1990 New York City , Town Hall
1996 - Tour through Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


1990 -Cama de Gato - O Globo
2005 Los Angeles, NAMM with Freddy Ravel and Brian Culberson
2005 Alejandro Sanz showing me a new song.
2005 , Pasadena CA , Heritage singers project, Art Mapa, Rique, Kevin Ricard ,, Will Kennedy, John Peña , Max Mace , Tim Davis and Grecco Buratto.


2005 Jubilant Sykes and Rique at Capitol Rec. studios.
2005 In Studio with Julio Figueroa.
2007 Justo Almario in studio for Big Band session - Andre Mingas project


2006 Christopher Parkening recording of Lamento and Ciranda Bambole.


2006 Christmas evening Michael Fash and Rique .. 4 hands piano.


2007 Los Angeles, @ Mauricio Geuerrero's Studio with Guillermo Guzman.


2007 with Paul Baloche at Saddleback church Worship Conference.


2003 - Taipei - Taiwan with Todd Robinson and Judy after Chuck Hong's Concert


2006 Aaron Lindsey from New Breed and Rique


1990 - Concerts in Osaka- Japan


2007 L.A., Big Band recording session arranged by Rique for Andre Mingas - Angola - Africa


2005 Los Angeles, Eric Boseman, Zoe Theodorou, Alex Acuña.


2008- Ricky Lawson and Rique at NAMM show.


2007 Cantos Museum of Pianos in Calgary, Canada • Elton John's piano where he wrote " Your Song"( gift to the museum )


Rique Live in LA CD cover photo
2005 Rome, Italy with Michaele Ascolese and Tony Melaranci
2005 Los Angeles, Rique with Suzanne and Tim Ryan M-Audio
2009 NAMM Show ,Walter Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Quintero, Aron Serfaty,Rique and Otmaro Ruiz, .

Rique Pantoja é um compositor brasileiro, arranjador e pianista de jazz. Nascido no Rio de Janeiro, reside há anos em Los Angeles, aonde é bastante requisitado pelo seu talento, não apenas na indústria da música mas também no cinema e na publicidade .

Aos 18 anos deixou o Rio para estudar na famosa escola de música Berklee em Boston. Ao concluir os estudos, mudou-se para Paris aonde trabalhou com Chet Baker, o aclamado trumpetista de jazz. De volta ao Brasil apresentou-se e gravou com Djavan, Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque, Tim Maia, Gonzaguinha, Paulinho da Viola entre outros luminares da MPB. Nessa época criou o Cama de Gato, grupo – ainda hoje famoso – de música instrumental brasileira (Brazilian Jazz).

Rique já se apresentou com nomes de peso do olimpo musical: Alejandro Sanz, Carlos Santana, Sadao Watanabe, Ricky Martin, Abraham Laboriel, Justo Almario, Lee Ritenour, Kirk Whalum, Israel Houghton (Grammy 2008/09/10}, Christopher Parkening, Frank Gambale e Alex Acuña entre outros ( ver lista ao lado ).

Suas gravações passeiam por diferentes gêneros musicais que vão do contemplativo ao Jazz, mas seu estilo se destaca sobretudo pela suave batida originária da bossa-nova, onde se aliam belas vocalizações e harmonias sofisticadas. Não há dúvida que Rique imprimiu sua marca na cena musical brasileira e no resto do mundo, tal a diversidade de seu talento. Em 2008 , uma de suas composições. “I believed it”   em parceria com Zoë Theodorou , ganhou no Canadá, o prêmio  Covenant Awards  - Jazz/Blues Song of the year ( Melhor canção do ano).

Rique também se destaca como educador no Conservatório de Música da Biola University em Los Angeles, e como diretor musical realizou cursos para o Maranatha Worship Training,  Los Angeles Music & Performance
(LAMP School) e Master Class na Pepperdine University em Malibu, Califórnia.

Compôs e fez arranjos para temas e shows na televisão como “Roque Santeiro”, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, “Santa Barbara” e “Another World”, e comerciais de TV para grandes empresas como Coca Cola, Guaraná Brahma, Fundação Roberto Marinho, Globo Reporter, Honda, Shell Oil, Pepsi Cola, de Beers e Marie Claire.  Na trilha sonora do sucesso da Disney “Jungle 2 Jungle” pode-se ouvir uma de suas composições . Em 2011 Rique participou cantando na trilha sonora do desenho animado “Rio” e também do filme “Coming and Going” com três temas de sua autoria.

Sua composição "Salseada" faz parte do módulo de bateria da Yamaha DTXtreme. Rique tem patrocínio da M-Audio, Melodyne (Celemony) and Lewitt.